Working Alone

By Posted in - Graphic Design on February 8th, 2012 0 Comments

As the lead, and oftentimes only designer working on a project at JLB, it can be hard to stay fresh and continuously come up with ideas–not to mention good ideas. Over the 5+ years of being the Creative Director here, I’ve learned how to get my mind focused on a project and how to jumpstart creativity in my brain. But there are the bad days when simple projects simply take time (way more time than I allotted for that specific project), and I can’t seem to design anything that’s any good.

What do I do then? Often I go searching for what other designers to do get their minds focused and creative. I found this great little article that has some good tips to switch things up in your mind and get your brain thinking more creatively.

Check it out…Brainstorming by Yourself – by Sam Harrison

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