Tick tock, you don't stop….

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The folks at Mountain View just keep on keeping on. If there’s a theme for Google in 2011, it’s got to be “innovation.”

Every month, Google seems to unveil a new service, or at the least, an improvement to an existing product. This year, we’ve seen improvements with things like Google’s Advanced G-mail sign-in security, Think Insights, various upgrades to Google Translate, the development of Google Correlate, the emergence of Google Offers, Google Apps transmorphing into Google Accounts, the iriver Story HD e-reader, and the unveiling of +1.

The latest? Sitelinks.

Google SitelinksIf you’ve been “Googling” this week, then you’ve no doubt noticed the updated and expanded sitelinks below search results. These sitelinks are direct hypertext links into various sections within a given website, and they are included in Google’s normal SERPs. In the past, SERP sitelinks might include a column of links — two to four to six to eight. The latest “upgrade” to SERP sitelinks “full-size links with a URL and one line of snippet text—similar to regular results.”

According to Google, these updated sitelinks are aimed at “making it even easier to find the section of the site you want.” They are also increasing the maximum number of sitelinks per query from eight to 12.

Want to learn more about the expanded sitelinks? Check out Google’s Blog post / press release, here.

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