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"They say a change… a change will do you good…"

At least that is what Sheryl Crow  sings out as I drive down the interstate blaring American tunes with one of my closest Swedish friends, Sara.  That’s right, last week I took a little time off for some Rest and Relaxation. 


It was the first break that I have had in quite while.  Working on JLB and FI keeps me pretty busy.  While I have so much fun with my job, it was nice to get away for a week.  During that week, I did not have contact with the Internet world.  It was so strange, no emails, no important updates, nothing.  I felt like I had warped back into a world before the Internet existed, and I missed it. 

I had no idea how much the Internet involves my life outside of work.  It truly has become the information portal.  Sara and I combed through newspapers and magazines to find the fun places to go.  While newspapers and magazines are great resources, I couldn’t help but wish our condo had free wireless access.  I suppose I could have gone to an Internet café and for a few hours…but it just wasn’t convenient. 

Then this thought occurred…hotels, condos, beach homes, etc; all have radios and TVs.  I suppose one day not too far off, they will all include basic computers and online access.  Isn’t it crazy to think that the first TV’s used were in the late 1920s.  We’ve come a long way since blurry black and white images splashed across a screen depicting what was going on in the world. 

So where am I going with this introspective blog… Well, changes occur every day.  In order to compete and continue moving forward, we must continue to change how we approach things and create things.  Brainstorming new ideas is something that I enjoy in the JLB office.  I encourage you to take some time away, change up your schedule and see what great ideas come to you…like Sheryl said,

“…A change will do you good…”

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