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Every now and then I like to keep up with and look at some of the interesting (and sometimes shocking) statistics that have to do with the “creative sector.”

Their recent poll of the creative community came up with some interesting numbers. Apparently the Home Office is catching on because 38% of people polled are doing most of their work there. This number is increasingly encroaching on the 49% that work at the company office. Also, 39% of people work alone while 32% work in a small office environment.

Some of the most interesting numbers dealt with e-mail. E-mail takes the number one spot (beating out Facebook) for biggest distraction AND most popular method of communication at 59%. Face-to-face communication came in low at only 22%.

What about the actual “creative” part of the industry? 63% of creatives polled have their best ideas when theyʼre taking a break while only 25% have their best ideas when theyʼre focused on work.

I have to say that as a part-time employee, I concur with the last statistic. I feel like Life is my brainstorm session, and my 20 hours a week are my production time from that brainstorm session.

Read the rest of the poll here and see if any of the numbers apply to you. And better yet, how you can use
them to work for you.

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