The New Twitter… it's coming

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Within the past week or so, many Twitter users have noted the option to “try the new version” of Twitter.

This new interface has been met with the usual “reluctance” by avid users. But, like Facebook before it (or Google, Yahoo!, etc.), the people behind the curtain at Twitter recognize the need to constantly innovate in an ever-changing digital world.

What does the new Twitter bring to the table?

JLB on TwitterIt’s wider… that’s for sure. The right-hand side features a column for Trends, a column for Who to Follow (Twitter’s recs), and a block of Twitter ap recs. There is also more “tweet space,” on the left, directly opposite the features. And, below the right-hand side features, there is a lot of blank space. That space begs to be filled with something (ads, anyone?).

Overall, the New Twitter is reminiscent of programs like “TweetDeck” — except that it’s taking place in a web browser. It definitely is a step-up in terms of a streamlined experience — more options (and information) available with less clicks. This is definitely a development to watch. With more than 150 million users, Twitter is continuing to shape the information cycle.

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