The Beauty and the Blog

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Coincidentally, I’m taking a break from researching companies that blog to write a blog for JLB. We all know that JLB has a model blog, every team member is represented, we are dedicated to blogging regularly and the product is clearly the result of labor and love.

But over on, blogs have not found their place among the content-filled articles, press releases, news, pictures and a calendar full of events. We tried to have a blog once. Last summer, one of my assignments as an intern was to “blog” on FranklinIs about my internship. Unfortunately, my blogs never had a clear direction and they too got lost amidst the other content and images on Franklin Is.

I read blogs. I understand how people want to feel a connection. And I think Franklin Is needs a really good blog.

Instead of using the JLB Blog as a model, I’ve researched blogs associated with magazines and other community websites. Many of these sites have the type of blog FI needs, a blog from the editors’ perspectives…a day in the life, if you will, or a “backstage pass”. We could write about people we meet, events we attend and ideas we have. People want to make a connection and I think these are ways can facilitate that. So here I am starting to let you in on my blog research…how behind the scenes is that?

More blogging about blogging to come…

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