Swift: Better Than a Spork

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Whether it was the gallons of coffee that were flowing from Starbucks straight into the cups on our desks or too much cold air, something went to our heads this past winter. And for one reason or another, we decided to take on the complex and daring task of engineering (from scratch) our own Content Management System (CMS).

This meant a lot of late nights for our Senior Web Developer, John Crain. Many hours of PHP programming, mixed with a splash of JavaScript (AJAX) and some fancy database scripting ain’t no trip to Cleveland.

The result? We have a hand-crafted interface that will enable our clients to update their websites with ease. If you can type into a Microsoft Word document, you can use this tool. If you can upload a file attachment to your e-mail, you can upload an image to your website with this tool. Sound do-able? It is.

We’ve dubbed the new software, “Swift”™. The purpose of Swift™ is to make life easier for our clients (like a microwave or a window defroster), giving them the ability to update web pages without any previous knowledge of web coding. Best of all, it’s tied into a web database and it’s password-protected, which means someone can log in and manage their site from any browser and from any location in the world. It’s better than a spork!

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