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I know that everybody is blogging about Starbucks paying homage to their history with the brown logo, but I wanted to say a couple things about it myself…

When Starbucks switched to their green, more streamlined logo, they were on the cusp of major corporate growth and social significance. Is there a better color to use in a logo to symbolize growth? The answer is no, no there is not. At that time, the demographic they were most appealing to was the 30-something, Friends watching, northwest crowd that enjoyed drinking real coffee. The crowd that was also into earth friendly "eco-activities." Is there any other color those 30-somethings like more than green? "No" is the correct answer. If you answered anything other than "no," you would be wrong.

Well now that crowd has grown up and had some kids. Coffee drinking has become a much more serious thing. The new old brown logo is Starbucks way of saying, "hey guys, we can grow up and take coffee seriously too (or again)…and sorry about all that frappuccino stuff."


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