Sort of new Starbucks…

By Posted in - Graphic Design on January 5th, 2011 0 Comments

Today Starbucks announced that they had a new logo “evolution” to unveil to the world. You can read about it on their site here or read this CNN Money article here.

‪It almost seems like Starbucks is making the whole logo change into a bigger deal than it is…sort of: “The new logo expresses what Starbucks represents to our partners and customers.”‬ People get real weird about “their Starbucks” so I understand Starbucks trying to handle this situation carefully. Frankly, Starbucks has been losing ground (so to speak) in the coffee dispensary industry and whenever a company starts to lose serious market share they go straight to the “brand refresh” for better or for worse (ahem…GAP).

My thoughts? I think the new logo is fine. They did the right thing in keeping the circle, the green and the siren. Some people have problems with removing the words, but didn’t Target do the same thing? My only issue is that Starbucks tries so hard to be this local neighborhood coffee shop with a DIY, paper-cut aesthetic, but this new logo seems more sleek/sexy/corporate than the previous iteration.

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