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If your company is growing and your client base is building, sooner or later, you're gonna want to send a message to your loyal customers.

The first step: Obtain contact information. In particular, you need to capture first names, last names and e-mail addresses. Most folks are willing to share at least that much, especially if they like your services or products.

The next step: Organize that information into a format that will easily import into a database. The easiest way to categorize client information for a database is to put it into a spreadsheet, like Excel. You can put each segment of information into separate columns.

After you've got your info compiled and organized, it's time to decide how you want to send your message. Let's face it, this is 2008, and if you're still sending your marketing e-mails with Outlook, you're sooo 1995. It's slow, cumbersome and won't allow you to format exactly the way you want. Worse still, if your e-list has more than 100 or so e-mail addresses, your server won't likely process the entire transaction. And you'll be foreced to send the message multiple times to various segments of your list.

There are waaay to many solid e-mail marketing programs out there for you to toil in the past. Constant Contact, iContact and StreamSend are just a few. But our favorite (by miles) is an easy-to-use program called EMMA.

emma e-mail marketing

Who's EMMA? She's a delightful, powerful and comprehensive way to send messages, track messages (see which ones bounce, see who opens the e-mail, see who clicks on which links within the e-mail), and tailor your messages to your audience. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can use EMMA. Better still, you can have graphics in your messages (photos, logo, colors, etc), and it won't hinder your message from getting to someone's in-box.

I could go on and on, but that's enough for now. In the coming weeks, JLB WORKS is going to build out a new e-mail marketing section on our domain, and we'll open it up to the world (especially our clients) to use. 

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