SEO… meet Social Networking

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Here at JLB, we use an array of tools to help our clients’ websites get noticed.

When we build a website and help promote that site online, some of our goals include increasing traffic, generating leads, and bolstering business. A website that doesn’t help grow a client’s online presence (and ultimately their business) is a website that isn’t living up to its full potential. We like websites that live up to their full potential.

With the emergence of social networking websites over the past few years, we have new (and more) tools in our hands to help our clients succeed. One of our favorite set of resources has been developed by a Nashville-based Internet marketing company, called Raven. The suite of tools offered in Raven range from analytics to SERP tracking to social media management (and measurement), among others. One of the most current tools, the social media management, offers several helpful features for an array of social media outlets, including a “personal manager,” Twitter, Facebook, SocialMention, and KnowEm.

JLB on RavenRaven’s social media management does a great job of sync’ing all of these features under one roof and then providing an insightful amount of statistical measurement within each. For example, with their Twitter management tool, we can analyze information, such as post tracking, mentions, friend-to-follower ratio, replies reach and retweet reach. All of these help to measure the overall impact of a business or organization’s Twitter account to determine how successful the account is being handled.

Additionally, Raven offers the ability to run each social media website through its software, thereby giving us what amounts to one-stop shopping. In other words, there’s no need to log into Twitter, then Facebook… we can just log into Raven, make posts or status updates, check the metrics on the previous week and keep moving forward. It’s all pretty nifty.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the Web is critical to a design, development and online marketing firm, like JLB, as we strategize (in meaningful and practical ways) how to help our clients succeed everywhere they can on the Web.

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