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JLB’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services

Want more traffic to your website/business, more revenue and or to be on the first pages of google?  Then you must implement SEO services in your budget as it is the #1 way to drive your business online.  If you want to dominate internet search traffic in Nashville, Brentwood or Franklin or if you need National service then we can help.

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JLB provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out of our Franklin TN market.  Most of our clients are in the local Franklin, Brentwood TN and Nashville TN marketplace but we also have many clients that have regional and national SEO strategies.  SEO is an organized effort utilizing unique tools and focused processes that keep our team focused on your businesses strategy and the SEO results that matter.

SEO management provides for monthly oversight, monthly content, communications and ongoing maintenance of your website and necessary social platforms involved in your brand/business.   Our targeted effort is to raise search engine rankings and drive awareness to internet searchers.  Ultimately, increasing traffic to your website through organic searches.  More traffic = more potential business.

If you do not rank high in search results for your target keywords, you are losing traffic and business.  You will end up relying on referral business, spending way to much for traditional marketing or never realizing the maximum potential of clients looking for your services or business.

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With SEO Management, you:

  • Convert sentiment to revenue: Up to 100% increase in transforming casual site visitors into buyers, donators or supporters
  • Better satisfy your customers: Up to 30% increase in customer satisfaction rates
  • Inspire loyalty and advocacy: More repeat customers and an increase in Net Promoter Score by 10-50 points 

Since SEO is constantly changing, we provide seamless expansion when new strategies and technologies emerge. We integrate these new elements into our solution before the competition does, giving you maximum visibility over your customers and competitors.

SEO management directly affects your rankings in the search engines. If you want to be on the first page then it’s necessary to do it regular and right!”

“Working with JLB is amazing. They meet with us monthly and keep us relevant online.   A great partnership”

Here’s how we work with you:

Initial SEO kickoff with JLB in our Franklin TN office:

Audit & Recommendation Summary Report:
– Keyword Research Findings and Recommendation
– Summary of all Audit Items and findings (Red/Yellow/Green)
– Keyword to Landing/Home Page Mapping
– Onsite fast track for 5 key pages (Code, Title, Meta, Keyword, H1’s, H2’s, etc..)
– Summary of other key items to be completed by our team

SEO general process

  1. Setup form and establish Monthly update schedule – Content targets, objectives and schedules are created and setup with an approved liaison with client.
  2. Creating your needed accounts: We set up and create needed social media accounts, if necessary. This includes but is not limited to 3 of the following: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Vine, Google Business Page, Foursquare, Flickr, YouTube, and others.
  3. Website Staging and Brand Identity: JLB will setup your Website (all relevant content, images, links, code, etc.) to be SEO optimized and the brand identity of your business will be properly keyed throughout your web site with advanced SEO site descriptions, tags and titles.
  4. Sharing your message: We create a company voice that reflects your brand, promotes creativity and engage your audience through monthly content distribution and updates approved by you (vertically specific to your business). This is a fantastic way to keep your business presence relevant and not have to login every day to keep up with the activity.
  5. New Content Maintenance: Monthly, JLB will feature educational articles that highlight your work, tag and optimized the SEO of these articles, and link back to your website via social media statuses. If your business posts new blogs or articles that your employees have written, we will also properly stage and distribute these statuses.
  6. Pro-active Process: Once a month, JLB will communicate with you to highlight a targe plan for the next month and/or send you a report detailing SEO relevant activity over the past month. If we can’t reach you then we will attempt to reach you to gain your feedback for the going forward month. These meetings and statuses may include:

Update about last month’s activities and any anomalies

Feedback and ideas for the month going forward with suggestions about new content.

Any analytic reports that may be relevant

Suggested SEO strategies outside of website management strategies

Site SEO updates and changes that have occurred