Search Engine Optimization for Costa Rica?

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A full SEO makeover? Okay, maybe we didn’t "optimize" Costa Rica, but we do have a client there who came to us six months ago wanting to improve her site’s organic standings. The client? Events & Weddings Costa Rica, a company focused on creating unique, customized wedding and honeymoon experiences in one of the most beautiful countries in the Western Hemisphere.

events costa ricaInitially, we took the site and re-engineered it. When the client came to us, her site was designed in .html files, largely based on tabular layouts. We transformed the coding infrastructure from table-based to CSS-based. This required a re-engineering on the .html files, as well as creating a more unified (and progressive) stylesheet. From there, we removed a lot of the unnecessary Flash components and started focussing on the actual words and content within the site pages. (The site still has some Flash elements, but now they enhance the image viewing experience, rather than detract from the design and content on the pages.)

Over time, we guided our client in re-writing the text on the site pages, taking care to emphasize important keywords in page titles, headlines and within paragraphs. A few months ago, we took the newly marked up site and wrapped it in a CMS (content management system). This allowed our client to be able to make updates on her own, and it allowed us to more creatively control the page output and file names. Within the CMS, we deployed a Blog tool, which gave our client another avenue to publish site content. What started as a five-page website has grown to more than 30 pages in just a few months since the CMS was introduced.

The best part? Our efforts for Events CR are completely trackable and traceable. Since we started working on this project, we have been measuring our progress by looking at things like site traffic and watching the site’s SERPs. Is it all working? Yes. The site now performs well across Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live for prime keywords like "costa rica events," "event planning costa rica," and "weddings costa rica." To add to this momentum, we’ve just launched a Google AdWords campaign to help our client receive traffic for even more competitive keywords like "costa rica wedding planner" and "destination wedding costa rica."

From here we will do a lot of monitoring and tweaking, as we look to help our client gain an edge over her competitors.

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