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If you’ve had your public radio on in the last few days, or happened to check out the tech news in your paper of choice, then you’re in the loop on the latest privacy changes that Google is deploying. If you don’t know what’s about to happen, then this post is for you.

Bottom Line? Google is moving all of its services under one Privacy Policy. Translation? Google is going to merge your profile, i.e. “compile and collate each user’s data from all those products” as NPR so eloquently describes it.

NPRFrom Google’s perspective, this is an opportunity to serve up more relevant search results, ads that cater to each individual, and a litany of precise information straight to a user (based on that user’s online interests).

As Google explains, “to show you more relevant search results and ads, to help you connect with people or to make sharing with others quicker and easier.”

For some, Google’s latest decision is just one in a series of privacy intrusions (see Nick Bilton’s “NYT Bits” column). For others, the latest shift/consolidation poses the question, “Can we keep up with Big Tech’s constantly morphing strategies to track (aka monitor) our online behavior?”

Perhaps a more important question — do we have the stamina?
Again, NPR. “Privacy fatigue, they call it. Google is not the first company to wear him [sic] out; it’s just the latest.”

This sort of thing isn’t new, and it’s not going away. The last and defining question we all face is — Do we care?

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