Party Pics!

By Posted in - Fun on May 30th, 2008 0 Comments

You love them and hate them.  Just when you are having a great time at a party, boom!  A bright flash of light catches your eye and you see or at least after blinking several times you see those clever photographers.  They are out on the prowl snagging pictures from parties and events, posting and printing these images.  So watch out, you might be in the next one!

I’ve gotta say, one of the most social things that I do at JLB in addition to going to events, working with clients, and promoting the community… is going up to strangers and asking for their picture.  99.9% of the community gladly smiles and says sure take my pic. is one of JLB’s “children” and going to events in the community and having a photographer come out and take party pics is one of the special online media sponsorship opportunities that clients can have for their event.  You would be surprised how many events we have going on in Williamson County.  Over the past few months, I went to quite a few events, and there are some hot party pics to show for it.

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