Micah Jones

Known as an innovator and problem-solver, Micah is an expert at comprehending a client’s vision and bringing it to life. Everything produced at JLB passes through Micah’s desk, one way or another. That alone is a testament to Micah’s commitment to excellence as a designer and a leader at our firm.

Micah got his start early as a graphic designer, working on side projects to earn spending money during high school. As he studied at Belmont University and later at O’More College of Design, Micah continued to work in the design industry, taking jobs at digital and offset print shops and later working for design agencies. It was those formative experiences that have provided a broad base of Micah’s design expertise — both on a practical level (like knowing the difference between dot-centered and clear-centered rosette patterns) and from a creative perspective.

Micah is trained in the discipline of mixed-martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. And with a couple of lines on his resume as a professional model and studio musician, Micah carries a strong sense of aesthetic and poise. He’s tough, judicious, and ahead of the curve — a perfect mixture for a Maestro, don’t you think?