One of Google's Favorite Places

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This past week, we received a package from Google. Surprised? Yes, we were.

favorite place barcodeThe package contained a postcard, a window decal, and a letter informing us that JLB, LLC has been selected a “Favorite Place” on Google. The letter went on to explain that our Local Business Center listing with Google has been visited nearly 1,500 times from July thru September. That qualified JLB as a “popular” search destination in the LBC.

We’ve put the decal up in the window of our office’s front door. And it’s got this cool little bar code. I used my iPhone to take a photo of the bar code, then I downloaded a free iPhone app (called, appropriately, “Barcode”). Then, I used the ap to scan the bar code, and it produced a URL (weblink), which I entered into a browser and, viola!, it loaded up our listing in the LBC.

Pretty fun. But what’s most suprising to me is that Google contacted us through the mail to notify us of our LBC status. Even more, it’s the second direct mail piece we’ve received from Google in 30 days. (The first item was a $100 coupon to use on Google AdWords.) Now I’m curious about the advertising mogul & search firm’s strategy in sending mail (vs. e-mail), which it could easily (and less expensively) utilize. This certainly marks a new step for Google, as it continues to extend its advertising reach beyond the borders of the Internet.

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