Offensive Design

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Remember this? That’s right, it’s the 2012 London Olympics logo. The logo was designed by Wolff Olins to the tune of £400,000. Wolff Olins is a world wide leader in brand development and management. They’ve been a large part of the reason brands like (RED), Target and General Motors (to name a few) are so successful.

Yet, with all of their successes and incredible talent, they still created a logo that was received quite negatively by the general public when it was introduced in 2007.

Well, now the Iranians are angry about it too. Ali Akbar Dareini of the Associated Press reports, “Iran objects to the logo for the 2012 London Olympics, contending it is racist because it resembles the word ‘Zion’ and warning of a possible boycott of the games. The secretary general of Iran’s National Olympic Committee said Iran sent a letter to International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge. The letter claims the 2012 logo spells out ‘Zion,’ a biblical term widely recognized to refer to the city of Jerusalem.” You can find the rest of the article here.

This just goes to show that graphic designers carry a lot of responsibility in their work. And just for funsies, here are the new mascots.

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