Not exactly superheros…

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They're action figures, really (and yes… there is a difference). 

Sprummer* has greeted Team JLB with a whiz-bang, and few new surprises (pleasant ones). To celebrate the season, we have replaced our team headshots with the faces of some of our favorite action figures. Each team member selected his/her own favorite (see images in staff section and below). I guess it's something in the water, over here.

In addition to the energy and pizzazz we all feel at this time of year, Team JLB also has experienced a few key additions. The most important, by far, is the miraculous birth of our Vice President's baby, Madelyn. For those out of the loop, Madelyn came into the world with a lot of commotion, and mother Brooke is finally recovering. "Complication" is putting it mildly. But our fearless VP is on the mend and at home with her hubby and sweet baby daughter.

Back at the ranch, we have had the honor and pleasure of welcoming Mirella Neely to the team. Mirella joins us, eight years after starting her career at Weberize (in 2000), one of Nashville's former Web development Titans (originally in the eConception cadre). A stalwart in web page updates, Mirella also has a strong programming background (read: mad database skills).

Speaking of programming, JLB has also enlisted the services of another experienced programmer (and general IT guru), named David Syler. He joins JLB from afar, telecommuting in and helping with special projects. David can do just about anything, from fixing a broken hard drive (Mac or PC, as you please), to setting up a MySQL database and programming the PHP out of it. If it has a keyboard, central processor and wattage, David can figure it out.

And as for the action figures… let me introduce you:

Julian Bibb / Green Lantern                   Brooke Schroeder / Princess Leia

green lantern   julian bibb  brooke brooke schroeder

Micah Jones / Red Son Superman          John Crain / Indiana Jones

superman   micah jones   indiana jones  john crain

Polly Bibb / Catwoman                          Mirella Neely / Wonder Woman

catwoman   polly bibb   wonder woman  mirella neely

David Syler / Thing

thing   david syler

* FOOTNOTE: the time between Spring and Summer 

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