New Website Design and Brand for Amazing Medical Group

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JLB, a Franklin, TN website design and digital marketing firm, was approached by the medical practice Newlife Med Group a couple months back to rebrand its business, online presence, its medical website and marketing initiatives.  The client needed to move away from being thought of as a pain clinic and become known and recognized for its innovation and technology helping patients create a new life for themselves.

What was most compelling about this client is their passion to be a place of refuge for patients that feel like they have lost hope and the system isn’t able to help.  This is not your standard medical office. New Life Medical Group (formerly Tennessee Hyperbaric Center/Pain Specialist Center), does not accept the idea that nothing else can be done. Your body is the most remarkable thing in all of creation, and NLMG is finding innovative ways that your body can work to heal itself. Good doctors treat a symptom and seek to find solutions to your concerns and pains. Great doctors and practices go a step beyond the traditional roles; NLMG seeks to bring hope to patients.  And they do!

We are really honored to be part of their business.

Take a look at their business and maybe take a moment to pass along their information to anyone in need.

JLB out of Franklin, TN, a South Nashville, TN city, provided a new brand, new logo, new website design and interactive platform with video and appointment integrations, plus we have implemented strategic digital marketing that includes but is not limited to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and more.

Thank you NewLife for all you do.

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