New sign in our yard!

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For those passing by 223 Fourth Avenue North (FoNo) this week, you might have noticed a new sign in our yard.

Yes, finally!

After nearly five months at FoNo, we have found the time to design a classy new demarcation for the front. Special thanks goes to Micah (our Creative Director) and Debra (Executive Director of Acquisitions) for collaborating to draw up a modern spin on a Franklin classic.

After multiple brainstorming sessions, Micah created a graphic design, which we sent over to Vital Signs. The fellas over there did a top-notch job, building the sign to exact specifications and delivering it in a most expedient manner. (If the situation arises, we will certainly work with that group again.)


Our sign has smooth curves on a brown background. The logo appears in off-white, and our address is framed neatly on a rectangle just below.

Have you seen it, yet?

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