More than just an eatery

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The folks at Mt. Pleasant Grille have it going on. Yeah — that’s bold. After all, we are talking about a restaurant 15 minutes southwest of Columbia, Tenn. (which is, itself, about 45 minutes south of Nashville).

Mt. Pleasant Grille: More Than Just An EaterySo what’s the big deal about a throwback venue an hour away from Nashville in small-town Mt. Pleasant? The food is on par with the finest restaurants in a 100-mile radius. To say it’s worth the drive is an understatement. Coupled with excellent service, a top-level marketing team (hello! The Andrews Agency), a smart and tireless leader (Tim Porter), and a strong desire to put its mark on the map, Mt. Pleasant Grille is a happenin’ place.

For all of the above, JLB is proud to have been added to the Mt. Pleasant Grille promotions team (thank you, Mr. Jim Barrier). So far, we’ve re-designed the restaurant’s website (complete with audio, image slideshow, and a flexible content management system), helped guide a full-force graphic design campaign (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, mailers, menus, coupons, and print ads), and we’ve even begun the identity development (read “initial branding” steps) for two ancillary businesses in Mt. Pleasant.

If you haven’t ever been to Mt. Pleasant, it’s a fun jaunt. And the Grille makes it more than worth your time. Take a friend, or two… they’ll thank you (and so will your tummy!).

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