McDougal's… wings with style!

By Posted in - Company News on July 17th, 2009 0 Comments

When restaurant owner Tommy McDougal approached JLB with questions about his brand, we could tell he had some lofty aspirations.

Two months later, McDougal has hired Team JLB to help reinvigorate his marketing and branding strategies with visual enhancements, creative copy and a stellar website.

mcdougal'sMcDougal’s, famous for its tangy chicken wings and laid back atmosphere, has locations in Franklin, Nashville and Murfreesboro, with plans to open another restaurant in Knoxville, before the year is over. Team JLB will help reposition the brand in anticipation of this strategic growth.

Already, we’ve begun working on the identity components, with marketing collateral and print material to follow.

After that, we’ll integrate our designs and weave the core messaging into a website that features premium design and high-end functionality. The only foreseeable hindrance? Trying not eat every time we see images of those savory Jumbo Wings…

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