Matt Cutts and Some Summer Intel from Google

By Posted in - Google & Search Engine Optimization on June 15th, 2013 0 Comments

Matt Cutts recently posted a nice little vlog on Google’s latest direction in the world of SEO. It’s not too deep, but it does provide a telling snpashot of some of the areas that Google is focusing on for the next several months.

Key areas of change and growth?

  • Generally more help and intel for web masters
  • Refinements concerning spam sites and links
  • More sophisticated link analysis
  • Hacked site detection (and possibly a new tool to be added to the webmaster toolkit)
  • Refinements to google SERPs

The spam info is particularly fascinating, partly because it demonstrates that Google considers this to be one of its most important areas for growth and improvement in refining its SERPs (and one of the most challenging problems to solve).

Want to see the video yourself? Click away!

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