March showers are bringing April flowers

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email marketing campaigns are blooming

The icy slush has finally left us for good and flowers are starting to pop up all over the nicely kept yards of Williamson County.  I love this time of year!  I also love this time of year for building new content and creating new marketing strategies for FI.

Recently, we have started targeting fashionistas in Franklin with a special newsletter called from FI’s Fashion Editor’s desk.  The newsletter is receiving great response, as targeted viewers gain special access to Franklin’s sales, style tips, stylish giveaways and more!

Rather than a text heavy email, the newsletter consists of 5 big pics (the big ideas for that month) which viewers can click on to see the hottest stuff going on in Franklin and Brentwood.

Of course, we took into account that some viewers may not be able or may chose to not have images viewed once emails hit their inbox, so the newsletter has text built into the html that states what the images say and has links for the viewer to click.

To sign up for this special newsletter and get the in crowd info on fashion in the area, simply send an email to  

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