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The November 4th election is over and we all heard about the high voter turnout at the polls. Whether you are pleased, disappointed or indifferent to the outcomes of this year’s election, you probably felt the pressure to cast your vote. So that’s that, it’s over. But it’s time to vote again! In the midst of the Presidential hoopla, an alternative polling location opened, for the 2008 Sizzle Awards, presented by Southern Exposure Magazine and

The hot topic on our minds in the office has been the Sizzle Awards. We have been busy monitoring the poll, encouraging people to vote and watching the ongoing results. In case you aren’t familiar with the Sizzle Awards, I can tell you all about it…

The Sizzle Awards are Williamson County’s only online reader’s choice poll. This is the third annual Sizzle Awards presented by Southern Exposure Magazine and Polls are open for six weeks, from November 1st through December 15th, so there’s a lot more sizzling in my near future. It is a “Best of” poll allowing the public to vote for their favorite businesses in Williamson County.

There are around 90 sub-categories including women’s clothing boutique, bookstore, dental practice, auto repair, landscaping, day spa, kids’ haircut and home renovation. Of course the poll is dominated by the most popular category, cuisine. There are sub-categories for every type of cuisine from pizza to sushi to meat n’ three to bakery.

I have enjoyed watching as the votes come in. It has been interesting to learn about businesses I’ve never heard of and to see what the voter’s choose as their favorites. Sometime I agree with the results and sometimes I’m confused why one business has more votes than another. But I’ve cast my vote, so I can have an opinion.

It is still early and there is time to make your vote count, too. No excuses: there are no lines, no confusing ballot boxes and you can even vote in your pajamas! It’s that kind of year for a record voter turnout, so get voting Williamson County.

To vote in the 2008 Sizzle Awards visit the following link:

If you have already cast your vote, thank you! And check out the ongoing results here:

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