JLB & Sitening make a Raven video

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Recently, Sitening selected JLB to work on a series of webisodes about its flagship SEO / SEM software, called Raven.

The first webisode, shot with a hand-held HD camera, was taken at JLB HQ in downtown Franklin. It features Jon Henshaw (Sitening’s SEO guru) and JLB’s Julian, walking through the initial set up for a full campaign aimed at helping improve the online presence for The TMA Group (a current client of JLB).

From design and quality analyses, to SERP tracking, to scoping out the social networking scene, Raven (as you can see in the video, below) allows JLB to perform an exhaustive review of The TMA Group’s web footprint.

This is the first in a series of webisodes that will be featured online (and in this blog), detailing how our company can evaluate, assess, strategize, plan, implement, and ultimately, improve the search engine optimization of a client’s website, while maximizing their identity and weight on the Web.

Webisode 1 – Using Raven In a Marketing Agency from Raven Tools on Vimeo.


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