JLB launches e-mail marketing section

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At long last…

We have completed the buildout of the newest section to our website. It's the email marketing section, and it's aimed at helping out our current email marketing clients.

What does it contain?

  * An easy-to-use login interface
  * A pricing list (so clients can remember their monthly levels)
  * And the coup de gras: A list of articles that serve as resources for our clients, offering tips and hints on how to get the most out of their email campaigns

Our clients benefit from an email marketing system that allows them to maintain their own Audience lists (in which they can put as many names as they want); manage their own Campaigns (send whenever they want, use text, colors and images, all within a template that maintains the graphic branding of their website); and Track results.

Tracking results is perhaps one of the most important features of this email marketing program. The tracking component allows clients to see who receives an email message, which inboxes bounce, of those received what links are clicked on, and which audience members click on which links.

Pretty heady stuff. Want to know if your audience cares more about the blue lollipop or the red lollipop, send them an email and track their responses. Even better, send detailed red lollipop info the next time to the audience members who showed interest in the previous campaign.

If you don't have an email marketing program with JLB, but you want to know more, have a look at our new email marketing section… 

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