In Search of Inspiration

By Posted in - Graphic Design on June 24th, 2011 0 Comments

I find it so hard to get inspired just flipping through websites.

I love that Twitter takes me places I would never go on my own, but sometimes I need to get creative when looking for inspiration (and motivation). I sit down and color with the kids or go for a walk around the park. I open a magazine I’ve never checked out before or even read the inside of a book jacket. I’ll pick out a few random words in a book and try to create a visual for the combined words.

Turn things upside down and see what happens. Get creative when you’re creating.

It’s when I step out of my comfort zone and ‘every day’ that I get inspired. That’s why travel is so good. New sights, smells and experiences are so motivational and exciting.

You can’t help but change and grow with each new experience.


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