Holiday hiatus

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We’re just days away from our annual Holiday Hiatus, and it’s crazy to think that another year is coming to an end.

What is “Holiday Hiatus,” you ask? It is the much anticipated end-of-the-year break for Team JLB. Think of it as a college Christmas break… for adults. Typically, we take our annual work Hiatus near the middle-end of December and 2-3 weeks later, we re-emerge (kind of like friendly bears coming out of hibernation) to tackle the new year, sometime during the first week of January. This year, we are taking our Hiatus on Dec. 17 and return on Jan. 5.

For Team JLB, it is a definitive way to mark the turn of the year. We’ve worked hard up to this point — more hours than we planned on — and the Hiatus is a way to re-charge our batteries. A rejuvenation opportunity, if you will. We don’t quite reverse the aging process, but it does give us time for rest and reflection, as we prepare the charge into a new year.

Strategically speaking, the Holiday Hiatus comes at the perfect time of year — when most client projects have wound down and most clients are spending time away from their offices. Then, as soon as things start to percolate in the new year, we’re back in action … refreshed, re-charged and ready to work.

No — we don’t quite “shut it all down.” Someone is still monitoring e-mail at JLB HQ during the Hiatus. If a site crashes or an e-mail stops working or your logo breaks (what? not again…), we’re still johnny-on-the-spot. But the Hiatus is a designated time of rest for our team. And it’s a critical component to each year — giving us a chance to come back with fresh perspectives and new ideas for our clients and their communication strategies.

With all of that said, we hope you enjoy your holidays, too. And… we’ll see you soon. Merry. Merry. And Happy. Happy.

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