Higher Email Open Rates

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George Mathew from The Daily Egg has the secret key to unlock higher email open rates.  Read his article below:

The Surprising Secret to Higher Email Open Rates

Budget for email marketing is on the rise. In fact, email marketing is one the top three investments in B2B marketing, according to the B2B email marketing trends report by CircleResearch.

But even with that increased budget, a lot of marketers are leaving conversions on the table.

How? By not targeting customers.

One size doesn’t fit all and, as we go through this post, you will learn how to treat each customer in a way that elicits love and devotion from them. But to to that, you have to know what they want. And to know what they want, you should know how they behave and what makes them tick.

By collecting data on customer behaviors, you can find out what they’re interested in. Then, you can use this data to send highly targeted emails, which could ultimately lead to more sales.

Why Email Personalization Matters

We love personalized service. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, personalization can make a difference.

For instance, by personalizing the service they offer, waiters can fetch 23% higher tips. And in business, personalization can yield 2% increased revenue. (source: Monetate)

The same applies to email marketing. This report by Experian Marketing Services reveals that including personalized product recommendations into transactional emails can generate a 20% increase in revenues.

Email Personalisation

In Hubspot’s survey, 38% of the survey takers said that they signed up for a company newsletter hoping to receive information that is relevant to them.

Pie Chart

If you’re worried about data collection for personalization, don’t be. A study by Accenture revealed that almost half of the people surveyed were open to data tracking by trusted brands if it meant they would get a personalized shopping experience.  Keep reading.

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