Graphic Design?

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Being my first post on my company's blog, I suppose I should write about something applicable to my position here at the JLB.

Graphic Design? Who cares? I sure don’t.

Thank you for reading my first post on the JLB Blog site.

Okay, seriously…

The language of our culture is visual and to really reach people, a person or organization needs to be able to speak that language. That’s where graphic designers come in.

Smart people actually argue that visual communication came before any verbal system of communication. Thomas Sebeok (a pretty well known semiotician), argues that, “properly speaking, language itself is a secondary modeling system.” And that “the general belief that language replaced the cruder systems is totally wrong.”

How could anyone argue with a Hungarian semiotician with the last name Sebeok?

Not into history? Just look at little kids … who are very similar to prehistoric humans. Child development scholars say that visual communication skills aren’t developed as secondary, or derivative but actually develop earlier than verbal skills.

Anyway … that’s all I got.

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