Google offers easy dictionary check

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For those wordsmiths out there, I’ve stumbled on a really cool feature that Google has been using within its main search box.

It’s been quite handy when I’ve wanted to know information related to the definition, or definitions, of a particular word.

Simply type in “define:” followed by the word (or words) you’re interested in, and viola! Google delivers a hearty supply of multiple definitions, origins and, often, other languages and their innate definitions.

Check out my screenshot, below, of the search, define:preponderance. Bet you didn’t know the military defines it as: “The difference in weight between the breech end of a gun tube, aft of its trunnions, and forward end. Preponderance was important to designer and gunner alike; breechheaviness made the gun sit properly on its carriage and kept it form capsizing when it fired.”

google's definition of the word preponderance

define: It works really well when you need a def on the fly, want to know some of the more esoteric meanings of words, when you’re just curious about a particular phrase, (or when you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to pick up the old paper and leather).

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