Google + and Google Places

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And the two have become one… Google+ (read: Google Plus) and Google Places have been merged together by, well, Google.

What does this mean?

Google+ ScreenshotIf you’ve taken time to set up a Google Places account for your business sometime during the past few years, the good news is that your labor has not been in vain. And if you haven’t set up a Google+ page for your business, now is the time.

Officially, the new service is called “Google+ Local.” It’s aimed at helping searchers find local businesses more easily. And there’s no denying that it should bolster the burgeoning social network by giving individuals and businesses another reason to use Google+ on a regular basis. The move does make an inquisitive sort wonder what kind of SEO (search engine optimization) ramifications having a Google+ Local page will have (presumably yielding more favorable results). And, it’s another reason, amongst a sea of others, to be a part of Google+.

So how do you sign up your business for Google+? First, create a Google account. Then, sign up for Google+. Then, customize the page (adding graphics and relevant business information, much like a Facebook business page). Then, share it with other Google users. And last, start using it regularly to post updates and status information. (For a more thorough snapshot, check out Hubspot’s blog post…)

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