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By Posted in - FranklinIs on July 11th, 2008 0 Comments currently features resources for locals, visitors, and people relocating to Williamson County. In addition, the Living section is most notable for its’ comprehensive fashion guide, the Wedding section is a resource for planning a local wedding, and the Real Estate section is a good starting point for finding property in WC. is bursting with information, a variety of articles, and colorful pictures. So what is missing? is missing a one-stop resource for parenting and therefore we are eager to launch a Parenting section on We have been busy doing a lot of behind the scenes work on the soon-to-be launched parenting section for several weeks now.

The Parenting section will be a guide for parents in Williamson County to get information on local resources for their children such as schools, shopping, activities, and doctors. It will be a place to read articles on current topics related to parenting such as eating organic and controversial vaccinations. There will be articles and resources for parents that have children with special needs. In addition to current topics there will be general articles about Raising Your Child such as language development, healthy kid-friendly recipes, and Birthday party ideas.

Initially, I assumed my experiences babysitting and tutoring children would help me develop ideas for the Franklin Is parenting section. As ideas started to develop however, my psychology education helped me figure out a way to layout the parenting section and is helping me write dozens of articles.

The information I learned in school and cursed when pulling all-nighters in the library suddenly has relevance. Based on surveys completed by local parents, I realized that parents are interested in their children’s psychological development. Parents want to know about the emotional development of their children, why the terrible two’s are deemed terrible, and how children related with their peers. They want to know about development based not on what they see in their own homes but based on studies psychologists have been perfecting for decades. It makes sense now but before working on this parenting section I had taken my psychology education for granted.

This project has been perfect for me because it involves topics that I am interested in and know a lot about. I am excited about helping launch the parenting section and thrilled (yes, really dorky) to be able to share all the information I know about the cognitive, neurological, social, and emotional development of children with visitors.

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