Franklin Theatre's Trial Run

By Posted in - Fun on June 6th, 2011 0 Comments

The Franklin Theatre officially kicked off this past weekend with a VIP variety show for local donors followed by an inaugural showing of “Gone With the Wind.” Main street was blocked to cars, packed with happy, sweaty people and made for my most memorable Franklin experience in a long time.

We Franklinites are a lot like Hobbits in Tolkien’s fictional village of Hobbiton.  We jump at the chance to come together and celebrate things like beer, wine, produce and many other seasonal holidays, so it wasn’t as if seeing the town come together this time and celebrate in such numbers was a surprise. It just seemed more exciting than usual. Something new in the air.
I’ll give credit to the Heritage Foundation for their incredible marketing, but I’d wager that the word-of-mouth campaign was equally (if not more) influential. People are excited about movies, class, art and entertainment. The Franklin Theatre’s introductory run had it all.

It’s a venue like no other and a hot spot for culture that Franklin’s needed for a while.

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