Form, Function and Followers

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This September, JLB completed a month-long graphic design and web development project for the folks at Forest Park Apartments.

What makes this project notable is how it reflects a series of emerging trends in client requests (and subsequently in the tasks we’ve been executing this year). The key elements requested by Forest Park include: graphic design, web development on an easy-to-use content management platform, search engine optimization, and social networking set up and strategy.

Forest Park Apartments' websiteOf course, design and development have been part of our bailiwick for more than seven years now, but the emergence of the importance of a strong (yet simple) content management system, solid search engine optimization, and relevant social networking over the past few years now plays a significant role in the way we design and, subsequently, engineer a website. For example, when we create a design, we are always thinking about ways to incorporate as much text as we can, while still maintaining a strong sense of aesthetic. (We care about textual volume because the search engines tend to give more weight to pages with more content.) Likewise, we are always cognizant of how to incorporate social networking icons or “widgets” (badges that stream status updates into a page).

These days, many clients want as much control over their websites as they can have. An effective, manageable system for updating site content is paramount. We realize that clients want to do things quickly and easily.

Marrying great design with robust functionality, developing pages that will be indexed by search engines (and found by “googlers”), and sync’ing sites with social networking strategies… all are critical to contemporary web design and development.

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