Five Things a Pregnant Web Developer Should Not Forget

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About six weeks ago, we found out that our family is going to grow come February 2010. We’re really excited! However, the first few months of pregnancy have made me realize that there are some things I take for granted in my daily duties as a web developer and content manager. Here are five little tips that I’ve found that help me get through the day.

  1. Make lots of lists…about everything! It’s a proven fact that pregnant women (and mothers of newborns) have a harder time remembering things. Because of this, lists are essential. I write lists of tasks for work, things I need to do at home, people to call and just about anything else. It helps two ways: I remember what I’m supposed to do and, I get the sense of accomplishment of checking things off my list when I actually get something done. Now, if I just added sleeping and eating to the lists, I would have three times more accomplishments each day…need to write those on the list of things to do.
  2. Focus on the task at hand. Speaking of remembering things, it’s extra important to focus on the task that needs to be completed. I get distracted more easily these days and if I’m not focused on what I’m supposed to be doing, I often can’t remember what my goal was in the first place. This is especially important if writing code or content for a site!
  3. Keep Coke and crackers close by! “Morning” sickness is a complete farce, so to me, this is extrememly important! Hopefully, I’ll move away from my dependance on carbonated beverages and carbs in the next week or so, but right now, they are my friends. Coke is a necessary evil these days. I don’t even like the stuff, but when the afternoon queasiness hits, it’s the only sure-fire way to not turn completely green. It is best served with crushed ice. Crackers and Preggie pops have been helpful as well and I don’t travel anywhere, especially to work, without a supply of each.
  4. Sleep whenever you can. I’m not advocating sleeping on the job. Really. But, there are times when five minutes of shut eye in the afternoon will get you through the day. At work, you can’t really get a two hour nap, so the best time to sleep is at night. (Shocking, isn’t it?!) Go to bed earlier than normal and get an extra hour or so of sleep. This helps everything: alertness, queasiness, forgetfulness and attitude! So…sleep, sleep, sleep!
  5. Write everything down. I may have mentioned something about this earlier, but I can’t remember. Writing things down is of utmost importance. In every meeting, remember to have a pen and paper, or a laptop to send an email with the notes. When you have a brillant thought, write it down. It will probably be gone in about five minutes, maybe less. (I’m averaging 30 seconds these days.) Writing things down helps me feel like I am still somewhat on top of things.

There you have them. Five little things that really help this pregnant lady get by. It gets easier, but at first when my body is concentrating on sleeping and eating, these little tips have helped me get other things done and that keeps my boss happy. (Actually my girls and husband have appreciated that as well.) Hope you, or your pregnant wife, finds them helpful too!

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