Finally a Guide for Google Wave!

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A few months ago, a friend that works in the Montain View office of Google visited and came preaching Google’s newest, massive project, Google Wave. Being too antsy to watch the hour-something video that Google produced about Wave, I had him show me a couple of the cool features.

Fast forward to a few days ago… Google friend sends me one of the much-sought-after invites and I decide to check it out. Only thing is, I can’t figure the damn thing out and there was a huge lack of documentation on what exactly it could do and how to go about doing such things… until now.

Gina Trapani with Adam Pash have managed to put together a wonderful Wave manual, which can be browsed on the site and later purchased as a PDF.

Those of you lucky enough to have gotten ahold of a Wave preview invite should definitely check out this comprehensive guide. Keep in mind, it’s an unofficial guide, but the best one to date nonetheless.

The Complete Guide to Google Wave

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