Fashion Influences Banner Ad Designs

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 Fashion and online banner advertisements go hand in hand. I made this revelation this morning while working on FI, (my nickname for the site) is one of JLB’s websites for Williamson County. After earning a degree and then moving overseas for a year, I came back to the States and I began working on this website. It started as a part time gig, to get my feet back on American soil and look for my life calling…Whatever that may be I am still not sure. However, now I am here full time and loving every minute of it!

 Outside of the office, I am currently in the process of launching a women’s fashion magazine called Couture. Couture will hit the presses early this Spring, and a portion of the money that readers use to purchase the hot mag will go to support Darfur. With fashion always in the back of my mind, it hit me this morning the banner ads that I design for our amazing advertisers are directly influenced by the fashion world.

Seriously, web designs and advertisements are heavily influenced by the hot trends that fashionistas wear. As I was working in Fireworks creating different layers for my ads, I noticed that the ads I had the most fun with were the lighter and brighter ads. It was almost as if I wanted to spill that new raspberry color that is coming in this Spring across my ads. Granted I refrained from making the ads look like a fresh makeup pallet, but I wanted to add a little lightness to their look.

Naturally, the fashion world right now is in turning up lighter clothing with a nautical aspect. It is resort season, and clothes reflect that light brightness that only Spring can bring. However, none of the ads that I was working with had a direct link with the fashion world. Despite the fact that the subject matter of the ads was not fashion oriented, I realized that the fashion world’s influence was inadvertently making its way into my ads.

If you looked back at some ads that I created in the late fall, they have more of a black and white or an icy blue and brown touches that were influenced by the Fall colors. These Fall colors were all over the clothing that everyone is bombarded with when they walk out the door. Think about it, if you constantly see people wearing certain colors, it will influence the colors that would be used to create a banner ad.

So, I encourage you webnistas who are designing ads for your clients and want a little flair to your advertisements, flip through a fashion magazine. There are all sorts of places to grab inspiration, eye shadow colors, the texture of handbags and shoes. Cork-like wedges are huge this year, so look for ads to be influenced with a soft taupe to light yellow color…speaking of which I created an ad this morning with a twinge of taupe in it. Whether it is makeup, accessories, vibrant spring colors, silks, rayons, cottons, gingham, handbags, shoes, or anything else we fashion conscience parade around in…this real-life display of colors influences the advertisements in the web design world.

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