Email Marketing Information

E-campaigns with your company’s branding and measurable results.

Hand-in-hand with Graphic Design, Identity Development & Website Engineering, JLB can create and help manage savvy email marketing campaigns for your company.

Emails with enticing graphics, stat tracking tools and a database to manage your lists… it’s all possible.

Fine tuning your message. Thinking deliberately about what to say and how to say it. And expressing the most with the fewest amount of words. All are essential to crafting memorable emails to your audience.

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Email Marketing Setup and Account Configuration

including the following services:

  • creating account with private login and access
  • developing a graphic design for the email marketing template
  • importing any/all email lists into the marketing database
  • sync-ing together website sign up with email marketing account to automatically import signups into the database
  • providing general tutorial on updating and maintenance of account

jlb email marketing template