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As a graphic designer, I have to keep several elements in mind when designing. Depending on the job, font style, textual and graphical layout, and color are usually what I deal with. None of these elements are more important than the other, but today I’m going to touch on color.

Why is color important and how does it effect people?

Color can incite a myriad of emotions from all different kinds of people. Studies have shown that red, a warm color, can cause excitement and agitation. Blue, a cool color, often does the opposite in that it brings a sense of calm and has a soothing effect.

Graphic designers aren’t the only people who use color. Interior decorators will often choose a specific color for a certain room to push an emotion. Often times a reddish color will be used in dining rooms because it makes people feel like eating. Cool and neutral colors are often used in psyche wards or waiting rooms in hospitals to keep people calm and relaxed.

What color are my office walls? Wood.


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