Cloud Technology

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In my free time I write action movie scripts with a writing partner in L.A. It’s something he invited me to be a part of a year ago, and since then we’ve written and pitched three scripts together. This year, writing from a distance became extra hard because of our individual schedules.

What we needed was a way to write at separate times, in separate places, on the same page and have our information stored online. What we needed was Google Documents for screenwriting. Well, This doesn’t exist. So we turned to our crazy expensive writing software Final Draft to give us an answer. Nope. All it can provide is a service called Collabowrite. This service allows you to be on the same page through the Internet but cannot save your information online.

Understand, Final Draft is THE software for screen writing and hasn’t caught up with cloud technology? Even while most of its clients – at some point in the writing process – will be writing with a partner from a distance! Sorry, this is just so unbelievable to me. So I called Final Draft and explained this glaring problem. Here’s the answer I got: Final Draft is already getting started on a program using cloud technology (oh cool) that should launch in 2013! (What?!) In TWO YEARS!? We could all be transferring data via telepathy by then!

Anyway, this article in the NYTimes reminded me just how far behind many large technology corporations are on cloud technology. An innovation that has become so obvious and so helpful.

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