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Why is design important?

This is the question I asked my fellow employees as I gave my first presentation at JLB, and I got some awesome answers.

Initially, as I was doing some research (for that nerve-racking presentation), I found a blog that posited that same question. It also had some really great answers like “to differentiate,” “to make information/resources/services usable” and “it is a expression.”

How did I answer this question? I’m glad you asked…

  • First, I believe that design helps the world function. Design makes our lives easier by packaging information in an easy and accessible format. You can find design anywhere and everywhere; even something as simple as a stop sign was designed. Someone had to design the font and pick the color and shape, didn’t they?

  • Second, design makes our world more fun, interesting and stimulating. How boring would our lives be if all design consisted of black text on a white background? Design evokes emotions and moods, it entices our senses creating an overall better environment for us to live in.

  • Finally, because of who we are, I don’t think we could ever settle. It is part of our human nature to want to be the best, to advance and push the limits, even in the design world.

Knowing the importance of graphic design is vital to the success of JLB WORKS. We have to believe in its value in order to convey that to our clients and potential clients.

On the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) website, they provide a booklet on convincing others on the importance of graphic design. It talks about the role of design in business strategy and how designers are essential members of any team.

Be on the look out in the next few months as I outline the business strategy in my blog and how designers fit into the mix.

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