Bringing in the big guns…

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You may know that JLB WORKS specializes in copywriting, copyediting and SEO markup. But did you know that we take those roles very seriously?

So seriously, in fact, that we have decided to bring in a ringer. That's right. JLB has recently hired a new team member, Joel Ellis, and he's somewhat of a Word Ninja.

Ellis joins us, having graduated The University of the South with Magna Cum Laude distinction, and somewhere just below a 4.0 in his major, English (of course).

Since we hired him (Sept. 1) and continuing over the course of the next few months, Ellis will be honing his copy skills (taking AP Style tests, writing nearly 150 articles for WCAR, proofing Web pages for form, style and meaning, and enhancing his SEO knowledge).

Why all the fuss over words?

Our firm recognizes the importance of the written word — maybe more important now than ever before. It's true that our society (the 2008 version) is very visual — we expect images at every turn. But even as images have taken on a greater role in advertising and marketing, the pressure to say the most with the fewest words is intensified.

Hand-in-hand with excellent copywriting goes excellent Search Engine Optimization (seo) markup. And who better to assess the content on your web pages than someone with a very high competency for reading comprehension?

So if you wander by 223 FoNo this fall and happen to see a tall, scholarly looking youngster with manly scruff and editor's glasses, give the guy a pat on the back… in all likelihood, he's looking out for yours!

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