Backwards compatible HTML5 the JavaScript way

By Posted in - Web Development on February 24th, 2011 0 Comments

HTML5 isn’t new news, but it is still is the latest and greatest of the HTML language to date.  Unfortunately, the majority of developers, myself included, are putting-off learning and using the new technology.  Learning new markup and making sure everything is cross-browser compatible are no fun tasks.  Fortunately, one those those can be easily remedied.

Enter Modernizr.js!  From the website: “Modernizr is a small and simple JavaScript library that helps you take advantage of emerging web technologies (CSS3, HTML 5) while still maintaining a fine level of control over older browsers that may not yet support these new technologies.”

While the 10kb script does not add missing HTML5 features and functionality to older browsers, it does allow you to give multiple styles to single elements depending on the level of HTML5 support the end-user’s browser has.  Sadly, modernizr.js also won’t give you an immediate understanding of the new markup…

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