A sign of the times? Google's management merry-go-round…

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When news broke this week of Google’s impending leadership changes, the tech community was buzzing. Most excitement and speculation centered around what motivated current CEO Eric Schmidt’s announcement that he was vacating his role in order to let Co-Founder Larry Page fill the position.

In the last quarter of the 2010, Google earned $6.37 billion in revenue, beating expectations of $6.04 billion. On the surface, Google seems healthy and strong, so why do something that might shake investor confidence (and feed the tech rumor mill) and that might make the company seem exposed?

It is quite reasonable to infer that Google decided to reform its leadership in an effort to cast a new vision. With increasing successes by Apple (its seemingly endless series of hit products) and a few recently clever moves by Microsoft (Windows 7 and the Windows Phone 7), it’s clear that Google’s role as standard bearer has diminished. And then, there’s Facebook. No doubt Google has been “feeling the heat” ever since Facebook’s traffic surpassed the search and ad behemoth mid-way through 2010.

What’s next? It depends on Page. Analysts contend that he’ll have to infuse new energy and excellent innovations into a company that hasn’t had a big splash in a while (Wave was a major dud). Can Page join this list? 10 Founders Who Came Back As CEO To Save The Company

Time will tell…

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