A Sense of Style

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As a growing company, JLB has taken some time to discuss what we want our business to look like going forward. Part of this discussion involves what we look like when we come into the office. Should we don business suits? Or, be able to wear our favorite jeans and tees into work on a daily basis? At JLB we fall somewhere in between. Some research on the subject of dress codes turned up some interesting information about the history of dress in the workplace and what your clothes say, or don't say, about your work.

The term "business casual" was coined in the 1970s when, as a response to the energy crisis, managers let their employees take off suit jackets and ties to be more comfortable in warmer office buildings. After the dot com boom in the late 1990s, business casual got a little more casual, with many companies allowing jeans or kakhis instead of suit pants. Some companies took on "casual Friday" policies allowing employees to dress down one day a week. Now, few industries expect true business dress from their employees on a daily basis.

With all the talk about what to wear, does it really make a difference in how you work? Studies show that most people feel that dressing more casually increased productivity. In companies where employees work on computers for much of the day, casual clothing allows them to be more relaxed and better able to concentrate on the work at hand. People who dress casually at work are often viewed as more artsy or creative by their clients and peers. While those in business suits are assumed to be sales people or consultants.

These days, dressing for success in the workplace is more of an attitude than a style. Even though we're still figuring out our JLB style, there is no doubt that we are passionate about our work.

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