A New Year…

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Take a good look at our logo and you’ll see some changes. We’ve slimmed down and sleeked up our brand to match our updated, improved array of service offerings for 2009.

New services? You betcha! Sure, we still offer copywriting and editing, design, and web development, but our capabilities have expanded. We now offer Photography, Branding, Integrated Design, SEO, and SEM. Our staff has grown, and we’re engaged in executing full branding campaigns, straight from your firing neurons to your customers’ eyes (print and web collateral with precise messages).

Wanna see some examples from 2008? Have a look at Creekstone, Roadmap, Bragg Point or Sports Servants to get a feel for our handiwork, from identity development to copywriting to marketing and branding to web site development to e-mail marketing. We’ve done all of the above for clients like these.

Two more cents… We’ve dropped the WORKS from our name. Officially, the State of Tennessee knows us a JLB, LLC. It’s simple, easier to say, and more memorable – let it roll off your tongue (…JLB… nice).

And, we’ve spent the off-season developing a brand-new tool for web management. If you’re a current client, this is one of those things that could make your life a lot easier (like a fork or a window defroster). It’s Swift™. Wanna know more? Visit him at our website… www.jlbworks.com/about/swift-cms

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