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As a mom of two, I enjoy spending time with other moms who have children about the same age as mine. I also have a heart for new moms who feel a little lost, and tired, with a new infant who thinks midnight is time to party! Having small children can be a lonely time for a mom because she spends most of her day talking with toddlers without much adult conversation. Add sick kids and other obligations into the mix and it's difficult for some moms to make it out of the house to meet with friends.

About five years ago two ladies at Christ Community Church with younger children decided to create a ministry to treat and encourage young moms and give them a place to fellowship with friends. Once a month we host A Mom's HEART – Hearing Encouragement and Rejoicing Together – a gathering of moms of younger children for a morning of encouragement, community and hearing about our high calling as mothers. To treat moms, we decorate, provide brunch and offer free child care. A speaker comes to encourage the ladies in attendance and the moms have a time to talk with each other about what they have heard. 

A Mom's HEART is a wonderful morning for moms of all ages. If you know a mom who could use a little encouragement or a break or just to sit down and talk with some other grown-ups, let her know about A Mom's HEART. It's the place to be the second Monday of the month from 9:30 to noon!


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